The XenX™ was created to trap fragments larger than 1 millimeter and isolate them for disintegration by laser lithotripsy or removal by basket or irrigation. The mesh self expands up to 12 mm in diameter when fully deployed. The XenX helps aid in reducing the time and invasiveness of each procedure.

Ordering Information

Product Code Description Units per Box
XE010112T XenX™ Stone Management Device (12 cm tip length Mid Distal Stone) 5
XE01017T XenX™ Stone Management Device (7 cm tip length Proximal Stone) 5

Products distributed by Typenex® Surgical. Manufactured by Xenolith.

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2 Sarkissian, Carl et al. Safety and Efficacy of a Novel Ureteral Occlusion Device. Urology, Volume 80, Issue 1, 32 - 37